Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another beautiful wedding cupcake tower

We catered to another spectacular wedding last saturday. This time we decorated the cupcake tower with beautiful red velvet and strawberry cupcakes. We also made a simple cake topper decorated with white polka dots, pink ribbon and a beautiful floral bouquet on top. The cake itself was made of our ever popular red velvet and madagascar bourbon creak cheese frosting cake!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding cupcake towers

We had another big wedding weekend this past week and we'd like to highlight a few of the wedding cupcake towers we put together. For a wedding at the Grand Hyatt, we put together a larger cupcake tower with our regular sized cupcakes and we also put together a miniature version of the cupcake tower filling it with our mini sized cupcakes. We decorated the cupcake tower with purple ribbon and also dyed the lemon and vanilla buttercream for our lemon and oreo cupcakes into a pretty lavender hue to match the cupcakes.

For another wedding at the Country Club, we sent over 250 cupcakes of red velvet, coconut and chocolate banana flavor. We also printed 250 edible "DIY" plaques to symbol the couple's initials and topped each cupcake off with this beautiful blue plaque. The cupcakes were divided into three cupcake towers, one larger and two smaller ones. We also made a cake topper made of our delectable red velvet cake, decorated it with a flower bouquet and placed this on our larger cupcake tower.

In the third wedding we catered to, we worked around a sunflower theme and made a cake topper made of chocolate cake and our valrhona chocolate buttercream and filled the cupcake tower with mini cupcakes of red velvet, lemon and vanilla flavor alternately decorated them with mini yellow sunflowers as well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Countdown to Halloween!!

We're busy in the kitchen making all sorts of Halloween decorations to top our delicious cupcakes!! Orders are flowing in so place yours too! Here are a bunch of friendly ghosts and pumpkins that we'll be topping our upcoming Halloween cupcakes!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Customized mini cupcake tower

For a special 1 year old birthday yesterday, we designed this adorable mini cupcake tower. We sent over 30 cupcakes of strawberry, lemon and vanilla flavor and decorated each cupcake with edible sugar decorations painstakingly crafted into daisies, milk bottles, pacifiers and cows. We also did a chocolate hazelnut mini cake to be placed on top which also was decorated with mini edible daisies and pink ribbons and a pink No.1 to match the entire color theme!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a bit early for christmas....

But given the numerous requests we've received these past two weeks for a preview for our Christmas cookies and cupcakes we thought we'd show you a sneak preview as well! Here are a bunch of delicious gingerbread Christmas cookies we will be introducing this December 2010!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Fall flavors!

We're officially in the midst of fall and to welcome October we are introducing two new fall flavors, Maple and Caramel Apple. These flavors will be available for special orders and for one week in October (26th - 31st of October) and one week in November (23rd - 30th of November) these fall flavors will be available on display as well! Our Maple cupcake is made of delicious pure organic maple syrup and madgascar bourbon vanilla cake base with a maple syrup and cream cheese frosting. Our caramel apple cupcake is filled with fresh granny smith apples and spiced with cinnamon. The cake is then topped with cream cheese frosting and drizzled with salty caramel. They're the ultimate taste of Fall. Call us and order now!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cupcake towers!!

We catered to over 6 weddings this weekend and here are a few cupcake towers we'd like to highlight! The first cupcake tower was for a wedding at the Watermark restaurant. We made a strawberry cake topper with surrounding strawberry macarons. We then alternately layered each level of the tower with two of my personal favorites, coconut and strawberry cupcakes. We also made delicate heart shaped sugar plaques to top off all the strawberry cupcakes. The second cupcake tower was for a wedding at the aberdeen marina club. We lined the cupcake tower with maroon red ribbon and alternately filled it with our top seller cupcakes, chocolate and red velvet!

Macaron party favors

Our macarons are becoming increasingly popular for our customers to give away as party favors. Here for a fabulous wedding this past weekend we packaged 200 macarons in individual bags and ribbon tied for each of the wedding couple's guests to bring home!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful cupcake party favors!

For a wedding at the Four Seasons, we sent over 250 cupcake party favors. The cupcakes were comprised of our ever popular red velvet and strawberry cupcake ! We packaged each cupcake individually in our cupcake party favor boxes and tied each one with a pink ribbon to match the theme. They were the perfect delectable gift for every guest to take home!

Elmo cupcakes!

Time flies, over a year ago before baby Sebastien arrived we did a beautiful cupcake tower for his baby shower. Today we are celebrating his very 1st birthday and we did a bunch of special Elmo cupcakes for this special day. We handcrafted each edible Elmo head and placed them on our delicious red velvet cupcake cupcakes! Here are a few samples!

Thomson Reuters special event corporate cupcakes

For another special event at Thomson Reuters, we put together this cupcake tower made of a 100 of our vanilla, red velvet and salty caramel cupcakes! We also added customized sugar logo plaques for each cupcake. It was a huge hit and the perfect sugary snack for their special breakfast meeting this morning!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner!!!

We're in full swing for Fall and are preparing all sorts of cupcakes and cookies for Halloween. Check out some samples for some spooky decorations of sugar tombstones, bats, ghosts and pumpkins!! We're also going to be making all sorts of customized Halloween cookies. Check out some we did from last year! Before you know it Halloween will be here so place your order now!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Elemis product launch mini cupcakes

For a product launch at Elemis Spa we sent over a bunch of these adorable custom dyed, silver sprinkle decorated mini vanilla cupcakes over to their Central spa! The cupcakes matched their new product launch colors perfectly!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Balenciaga motorcycle bag cupcakes

We love Nicolas Ghesquiere and when a customer asked us to do these adorable Balenciaga bag inspired cupcakes we were more than delighted to fulfil the request! Here we put together an assortment of our popular flavors and topped each cupcake with a handcrafted edible sugar fondant Balenciaga bag! Check out how detailed each bag is complete with its signature studs !!

Wedding cupcake tower arrangement

For a lovely wedding at the Renaissance Harbor hotel we put together this beautiful customized arrangement of over 100 mini cupcakes and a cake topper decorated in pink and lined with strawberry macarons. We made mini vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes and placed the cupcakes and cake topper on a beautiful cupcake stand complete with confetti and pink tutu to match!