Sunday, December 11, 2011

So many cupcakes!!!

We just had our busiest week in our 5.5 year history. Baking close to 13,000 cupcakes this past week, it's been manic at our central kitchen!! Check out some of the awesome events we catered to recently !!

We did a whole slew of corporate orders for various companies that we shipped to various locations in Hong Kong. We've also been mad packaging all sorts of party favor cupcake boxes for various weddings and birthday events.

Finally it's also been a busy wedding weekend for cupcake towers and we sent numerous towers to Hyatt Regency in Shatin, Megabox and the peak.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Customized, corporate and christmas cupcakes

Check out some recent awesome cupcakes we did for a farewell party complete with Hong Kong and Singapore flags. We're also entering mad corporate gift giving season!! (Stay tuned for more photos. Next week we're averaging 2000 cupcakes a day so it's real madness here) Check out these awesome cupcakes we did for State Street Advisors. We're also churning out oodles of christmas themed cupcakes. Here is a sample of some christmas decorations we've been putting together!!

Wedding and anniversary events

We've catered to a slew of wedding events recently averaging 5 - 6 a week. Here are a few we'd like to highlight. We've been mad folding and packaging cupcakes into our party favor boxes and here are a few ribbon tied samples. We've also been sending out oodles of our cupcake towers complete with customized monogram plaques and sugar flowers. We also catered to a beautiful Casablanca themed event at the American club for a special wedding anniversary.

Baby shower events

We're having the busiest December yet and in the midst of it all we've catered to a few fabulous baby shower events! Check out these fabulous baby shower cookies and baby shower themed cupcakes. Both cookies and cupcakes were individually packaged for guests to take home!