Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Eve celebrations

We just had our busiest New Year's Eve to date! We first catered to a beautiful wedding at the Clear Water Bay Golf Club. Given that it was a New Year's Eve wedding we made everything white and silver themed complete with white topping cupcakes (oreo, red velvet, vanilla, coconut for flavors) and additional silver decorations such as white and silver initial embossed plaques, silver stars and silver ornaments.

We also catered to a few spectacular New Year's Eve events. In particular a fun one to put together was for GOD, where we sent over hundreds of mini cupcakes, pastries and macarons!

Cupcake towers and more gift giving post Christmas!

As many of you know, our cupcake towers are hugely popular and just these past few days we sent out two that I'd like to share with you. The first cupcake tower we did for an intimate wedding at the Peninsula Garden Suite. We made a simple cupcake tower out of the bride's two favorite flavors: Lemon and salty caramel. We also put together a dark chocolate cake topper with a simple white fondant and yellow ribbon coating. Our second cupcake tower highlighted a beautiful candy bar at the Bethanie. To match the bride's pink and yellow theme, we placed these strawberry and vanilla cupcakes in alternating layers and also decorated each cupcake with a pink and yellow "K W" plaque as well.

Since we're on the subject of cupcakes, it's also been fun to know that even though Christmas has come and gone, we at Sift have still been busy packaging gifts for our Clients. Here, we placed a big order of cupcakes in our cupcake boxes, all ribbon tied, to give away to different departments of the Four Seasons Hotel.

Baby shower cookie collection

Every week, we field many requests for baby showers and as we prepare for the new year, I thought I'd show you these designs that we're adding to our cookie collection. We did them all in pale blue and white but certainly they can be done in any color of your desire. All cut out of our famous crumbly shortbread cookies and decorated with royal icing. They're freshly baked, hand piped and can be individually wrapped. They're the ultimate baby shower takeaway gift!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Merry Christmas! And yes we are busy working bees open all Christmas weekend!! It's been crazy busy for us with over 1,000 cupcakes sold just yesterday. We've done tonnes of packaging, boxing and ribbon tying and I thought I'd just show you all the macaron party favors we've been doing this weekend for two weddings for a total of 900 macarons!! It's been fun packaging and ribbon tying these crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside macarons! Hope your Christmas is a sugar filled as ours!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Personalized christmas cookie party favors

We've been baking hundreds of christmas cookies this December and I thought I'd show you these ones we're putting together as party favors, personalized with each receiver's name as well! We're 3 days away from Christmas and last minute orders are pouring in so best place your asap as well!

Monday, December 20, 2010

More corporate christmas gifts

Our cupcakes have been so popular with our customers' clients that numerous companies have been coming back to do second and third round orders from us! Here's another batch of brown and white themed cupakes with gold sugar ornaments on top. All prettily packaged and ready to be sent to different clients!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Grey ribbon themed mini wedding cakes

For a beautiful wedding at Crowne Wine Cellars today, we are sending over these beautiful mini wedding cakes for every guest to take home as party favors. They're made of a lemon cake and classic lemon french buttercream filling. We then covered them in fondant and lined with matching grey ribbon. We also made beautiful grey ribbons and fondant plaques with the bride and grooms initials to decorate the cakes with. They're all stunningly individual packaged and make the most perfectly memorable gift for guests to take home.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celebratory cupcake towers

We've been sending out all sorts of cupcake towers for many different special occasions and events. Here are two that we recently did. The first one was a for a DBS event where we made a tower of cupcakes of strawberry, chocolate and red velvet flavors. To top off the cupcakes we also made special DM logo fondant plaques to highlight the event as well !

The second cupcake tower was for a wedding at Mega Box. We did this beautiful tower made of chocolate, red velvet and strawberry cupcakes all decorated with silver beads. We placed a red velvet cake on the top layer, covered in fondant and decorated with flowers as well!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas corporate hampers for Kennedy's

We sent a bunch of hampers out to law firm Kennedys guests today and they were a tonne of fun to put together. We made hundreds of cupcakes (customized with special black fondant "K"s), christmas gingerbread cookies and macarons. Each of the items were individually packaged and decorated with black and white ribbon (to match Kennedys corporate colors). They were then all placed in baskets and tied with customized Kennedys ribbon as well. They make a beautiful and delectable Christmas hamper that anybody would love to receive!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clifford Chance cupcake tower No.2

In the midst of our crazy corporate gift baking, packaging and wrapping we put together this 300 cupcake tower for Clifford Chance. In fact this is the exactly same cupcake tower we made for them 2 weeks ago but they loved it so much they ordered from us again! This time it was again for their 30th birthday celebration but with a change of venue at the Grand Hyatt Plateau !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toppan Vite cupcake order

It's that time of the year again!! Toppan Vite for three years straight is ordering cupcakes from us to send to all their corporate clients. This year we're doing over 5,000 cupcakes for them in chocolate, special coconut lemon and red velvet flavor!! The cupcakes are topped with silver and gold balls and piped mistle toe!

Pink and gold macaron dim sum baskets

For a lovely event held at the chinese culinary institute, we are making 450 macarons of rose, raspberry and strawberry flavors! We chose these flavors given the event's pink and gold color theme. We also spray painted the macarons with gold dust and added gold leaf to all of them. The macarons were packaged in triplets and placed in adorable gold color dim sum baskets and tied with a pink ribbon. They made perfectly delectable, beautiful takeaway gifts!

Christmas themed cupcakes

We are making all sorts of hand made decorations for Christmas this year to top our cupcakes. We sent out these adorable mini cupcakes today with silver ornament sugar balls and handcrafted snowman and santa hats. Along with these, we also have mistletoe, santa boots and candy cane as well! Let us know how we can make your christmas events even more christmas filled with our adorably decorated cupcakes!

Cupcake corporate gifts for BBC

We will be churning out over 10,000 cupcakes these two weeks for our corporate clients and to kick start the holiday season of cupcake baking we put together these cupcake packages for BBC to give out to their clients throughout Hong Kong. The cupcakes were packaged and tied with a red BBC ribbon. Should you need cupcakes for any Christmas party or to send out as gifts to your clients best to let us know as soon as possible!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby shower at graham street

This past saturday we hosted another spectacular baby shower at graham street. We put together a buffet of all sorts of delectable pastries and macarons as well as this adorable cupcake tower complete with bumble bee and baby milk bottle and pacifer decorations. Check out the photos!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby shower shortbread party favors

For a baby shower held at Graham street we made these beautiful baby strollers cookies. Each cookie is made of our delicious shortbread and decorated in light blue and has all the details of an adorable baby stroller. We also individually packaged each and every cookie and tied it with a matching blue ribbon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julius Baer Christmas cookies!

For Swiss bank Julius Baer, we are making 250 gingerbread cookies in mittens, gingerbread man and snowman designs. They were all individually wrapped and tied with a maroon red ribbon. Check these out ! They're the perfect Christmas giveaway for any corporate christmas event!

Season of giving

For this season of giving we are packaging thousands of gifts for our clients. To kick start the holiday season, we made 120 macarons, all individually wrapped for a client's wedding this Friday. Each macaron was packaged in a plastic bag and to highlight the christmas season we tied all of them with beautiful red ribbons. They were the perfect delectable giveaway for every wedding guest

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December is here!!

Yes, with a blink of an eye December is here again and here at Sift we are in for our busiest month of the year! Our christmas cookies are already flying out the door and stay tuned for all sorts of Christmas hampers, cookies and cupcakes that will be doing in all shapes and forms for our corporate and private clients! For the time being check out some recent christmas themed cookies and cupcakes we've just put together!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miffy themed birthdays!

For two birthdays this week we put together some Miffy themed cupcakes and cookies. For libby's birthday at the Little Gym in Causeway Bay we brought over this adorable cupcake tower, filled with our delectable red velvet, strawberry and chocolate banana flavored cupcakes and topped it off with a chocolate cake, decorated in light pink fondant, strawberry macarons and a light purple dressed fondant Miffy on top. Everyone who attended the birthday party loved the cupcake tower! For another birthday we made a bunch of A shaped shortbread cookies. Our crumbly shortbread cookies are a No.1 favorite for party favors and in this case we decorated the As in light blue royal icing and also attached an edible Miffy fondant figure. Each cookie was individually wrapped in our Sift ribbon and included a sticker picture of the birthday boy as well!

Cupcake party favors!

This past week we've been busy baking and packaging a tonne of cupcake party favors. For a wedding at the Island Shangrila we sent over 110 of these beautifully wrapped strawberry cupcake party favors. We matched the cupcakes with brown and white polka dot ribbons. For another wedding also at the Island Shang, we sent over 250 of our best seller red velvet cupcakes all individually wrapped in individual boxes with a dark and light pink ribbon. Finally for our third wedding of the week we sent over 110 red velvet cupcake party favor boxes with a celebratory gold ribbon!