Friday, March 27, 2009

Edible bling!

When one of our favorite customers, Bridget approached me to do her birthday cake, I knew we couldn't do just any simple birthday cake! Bridget designs the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and we asked her to send us an image of her favorite item. Turns out, Bridget's favorite is a golden pair of loop earrings! We then translated the design to a delicious two tiered red velvet cake. We decorated the cake with the earring motif all around and painted over with gold luster dust to give it that extra extravagant look!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Victoria's 10th birthday!

For Victoria's 10th birthday we made some super yummy cupcakes: red velvet, lemon, s'mores, chocolate, coconut and strawberry and topped them off with decorations shaped into her favorite things: planets and soccer balls. We also made some special alphabet decorations that spelled our Victoria's name as well as little plaques with blue (her favorite color) number 10s on them!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traffic police

For one of our red velvet fans Millie, we created an adorable traffic policeman cake for her good friend May. we covered our delicious red velvet cake with yellow fondant and gave the traffic policeman his very own white helmut, green pants and black little boots. We guarantee this adorable policeman is so delicious he'll stop traffic!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Isaac's 1st year old birthday party!

When we first opened we celebrated Isaac's 100 day with a bunch of cupcake party favors and now we are celebrating his very first birthday! We made an adorable rubber duckie cake filled with delicious red velvet cake. We gave the rubber duckie a little red ribbon and top hat to match! We also baked a bunch of beautiful cookie party favors for each and every little guest to take home. The cookies were made out of shortbread and shaped into the first alphabet of each of the little guests' names.

Broadway themed party for Martin's 60th Birthday!

On the same night at Country Club we catered to another amazing birthday party for Martin's 60th birthday! We created an extravagant 5 tier cake made out of our popular dark chocolate with 70% chocolate buttercream and red velvet and madgascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting cakes! WE decorated each tier according to a different broadway show. The bottom tier is good man charlie brown and we decorated the cake with the silhouettes according to the show's playbill. The second tier was inspired by Elisa's dress she wore to the Ascot race. We decorated the tier with a bow inspired by the dress she wore and also decorated it with sugar flowers. The third tier is King and I and we hand drew some Thai elephants along with a thai themed decoration. We then painted the decorations over with gold luster dust to give it that extra extravagant look. The fourth tier is Camelot in which we decorated the cake with the inscription of the famous round table. We also hand drew all sorts of Camelot related decorations, the famous sword, King Arthur's castle, figures dressed in medieval attire. Finally the top layer is South Pacific and we hand drew some tropical island designs. We then finished off the cake with a big red 60 and hand made fondant Playbills. The cake in total weighed 25lbs!!

Rachel and Katie's heart shaped themed cupcakes!

For Rachel and Katie's special birthday at the Country Club, we sent over 80 assorted cupcakes each decorated with a pink sugar fondant heart and each with their names written on them. We then placed the 80 of the cupcakes on two of our cupcake towers, one with all the Rachel decorations and the other with Katie's. It was a truly stunning presentation for a very special joint birthday party!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winnie the Pooh !

For a fabulous 1 year old birthday party for Savannah we made an absolutely adorable red velvet cake decorated with all sorts of edible Winnie the Pooh decorations. We first covered our delicious valrhona cocoa red velvet cake with blue fondant, we then attached little fondant bees on wires and attached them along with little jars of "Hunny" around the cake. We made an edible Winnie the Pooh with a 3d jar of Hunny and had them lying out on an edible buttercream grass "lawn".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Red velvet cake chanel bag with teddy bear charms!

Our edible Chanel bags have been so popular we just made another version of it this past weekend. This time, we baked our popular valrhona cocoa red velvet cake and filled it with our madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting. We then covered the cake in pink fondant and also made little miniature teddy bears and heart shapes as charms to put on the chain!

Baby shower cupcakes

Last week was again crazy baby shower cupcakes week. We churned out dozens upon dozens of cupcakes for different baby showers and here are a few examples!

Aspen's Birthday !

For Aspen's special birthday we recreated one of her favorite toys and made it into a delicious 3 flavored cake! We divided the cake into our yummy strawberry, chocolate banana and lemon flavors, We then molded each layer into a different ring size, covered it in different colored fondant and added all the details of this adorable ring shaped toy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

1,001 Arabian Nights

For a special birthday with an Arabian night theme, we made a beautiful cake (inside is our delicious strawberry cake and fresh strawberry buttercream) and decorated it with Arabian themed designs. We first covered the cake with purple fondant and then we hand drew "Happy Birthday" in arabic, moons, stars and genie lamp designs around the cake. Finally we also hand crafted a very special edible magic carpet and golden genie lamp as well!

Louis Vuitton and Tiffany's!

For an absolutely unforgettable going away party for Nagi, Ken and Mike. We made an absolutely stunning 3d cake shaped into Louis Vuitton suitcases and a Tiffany's gift box. The bottom layer is chocolate cake with Valrhona 70% guanaja buttercream, second layer is white chocolate raspberry with valrhona ivoire buttercream and top layer is carrot with our madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting. All decorations are completely edible. Each and every Louis Vuitton monogram, suitcase clasp and gold button was painstakingly hand crafted out of fondant. We also made a special Louis Vuitton suitcase tag to wish Nagi, Ken and Mike a great move to Japan!

Darth vader / Storm trooper cupcakes

For a special star wars themed birthday party we made these adorable darth vader and storm trooper cupcakes. All decorations are made of fondant and entirely edible! we topped them on our delicious chocolate and vanilla chocolate cupcakes!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Winnie and Marcus wedding cookie party favors

We love collaborating with the Wedding Company cause they always give us super fun projects and this was one of them. For a wedding this past Sunday at the Grand Hyatt for Winnie and Marcus we made 860 cookies each with either a W or and M inscribed on top. To guarantee that each and every W and M were exactly the same font we first traced it out with parchment and chocolate royal icing and then carefully placed each and every one on a pink background shortbread cookie. We then dotted little white polka dots around the side. We wrapped one of the W and one of the Ms into 430 cookie bags and ribboned tied them with a beautiful red ribbon and a Winnie and Marcus "Recipe for Love" tag. These cookies looked beautiful against the backdrop of the Grand Hyatt ballroom!

More alphabet cupcakes

We've been crazy busy cutting out tonnes of alphabets for our special alphabet cupcakes. Here are a bunch with some special birthday messages !

Bellinis and Cupcake party favors!

For a special 38th Birthday held at Cipriani, we delivered dozens of cupcakes each individually packaged and ribbon tied in our beautiful party favor boxes. On every other cupcake we wrote either a number 38 or an "S" for birthday boy Stanford. We delivered these to Cipriani and placed each and every cupcake on their signature plates. What better to go with a bellini and a delicious Sift cupcake ?