Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December is here!!

Yes, with a blink of an eye December is here again and here at Sift we are in for our busiest month of the year! Our christmas cookies are already flying out the door and stay tuned for all sorts of Christmas hampers, cookies and cupcakes that will be doing in all shapes and forms for our corporate and private clients! For the time being check out some recent christmas themed cookies and cupcakes we've just put together!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miffy themed birthdays!

For two birthdays this week we put together some Miffy themed cupcakes and cookies. For libby's birthday at the Little Gym in Causeway Bay we brought over this adorable cupcake tower, filled with our delectable red velvet, strawberry and chocolate banana flavored cupcakes and topped it off with a chocolate cake, decorated in light pink fondant, strawberry macarons and a light purple dressed fondant Miffy on top. Everyone who attended the birthday party loved the cupcake tower! For another birthday we made a bunch of A shaped shortbread cookies. Our crumbly shortbread cookies are a No.1 favorite for party favors and in this case we decorated the As in light blue royal icing and also attached an edible Miffy fondant figure. Each cookie was individually wrapped in our Sift ribbon and included a sticker picture of the birthday boy as well!

Cupcake party favors!

This past week we've been busy baking and packaging a tonne of cupcake party favors. For a wedding at the Island Shangrila we sent over 110 of these beautifully wrapped strawberry cupcake party favors. We matched the cupcakes with brown and white polka dot ribbons. For another wedding also at the Island Shang, we sent over 250 of our best seller red velvet cupcakes all individually wrapped in individual boxes with a dark and light pink ribbon. Finally for our third wedding of the week we sent over 110 red velvet cupcake party favor boxes with a celebratory gold ribbon!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mini 2 tiered cake

Our mini 2 tiered cakes are becoming increasingly popular and stay tuned for more holiday wedding creations that are coming in our pipeline. For a birthday this week, we made a tower of cupcakes and topped it off with this adorable mini 2 tiered cake that's made of our chocolate banana flavor, lined in pink ribbon and decorated with pink sneaker and pink stiletto for a running / fashion fan. These 2 tiered cakes are not only beautiful to look at but delicious as well! They can also come individually packaged and perfect for any kind of party favor.

300 cupcake tower for Clifford Chance

For Clifford Chance's 30 year old birthday we sent over 300 cupcakes of a variety of flavors: chocolate, chocolate banana, s'mores, banana foster, red velvet, carrot, lemon meringue, vanilla, vanilla chocolate and coconut. For a truly stunning presentation we placed our ribbon lined cupcake tower on top of two smaller tables and lined our cupcakes all around. It drew tonnes of "oohs" and "aahs" from passerbys and was hugely popular with the Clifford Chance crowd!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini cupcakes for Christian Louboutin event!

Christian Louboutin, one of our favorite designers, had an event today in their shop and we were honored to cater a bunch of cupcakes for them. To match their signature red bottom shoes we of course sent over our red velvet cupcakes for the event. We also made a bunch of chocolate and mocha flavored ones too! Our cupcakes sat prettily in our cupcake towers lined with black ribbon. Here's one that we placed right by the entrance to greet their clients!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding bliss

We made a tonne of cupcakes this past weekend for two special weddings. For the wedding of one of our red velvet cupcake fans, we made this tower of red velvet cupcakes decorated with embossed fondant plaques. Each plaque was cut into a heart shape and then embossed with their initials and decorated with light pink polka dots.

For another wedding at the Grand Hyatt, we sent over 400 cupcakes, 200 snowball and 200 red velvet. Each cupcake was individually wrapped in our party favor boxes and ribbon tied with a matching red and white ribbon, which also came with customized tags as well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry potter and soccer cupcakes

For 3 birthdays this week, we were asked to do a bunch of Harry Potter cupcakes. Check out these adorable decorations with Harry Potter logo plaques, scarves, glasses, wizard hats and spell books! Perfect for some of our little Harry Potter fan customers!!

We also did these beautiful s'mores cupcakes with customized 3d soccer sugar decorations. Each soccer ball is painstakingly crafted out of fondant and placed on top of these delectable toasted meringue topped chocolate cupcakes

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mini cupcake tower

We rarely put together large cupcake towers made of mini cupcakes so I decided to blog this tower we put together for a wedding today at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Our clients ordered 240 mini cupcakes from us comprised of s'mores, luscious chocolate, mocha, chocolate banana, strawberry and lemon flavors. It turned out to be a beautiful cupcake tower and was the perfect little snack for guests to have over cocktails!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sift Dai Pai Dong at Lane Crawford IFC

For Lane Crawford's 160th Anniversary we were asked to set up a cupake "Dai Pai Dong" at their IFC flagship shop! It was a terrific project. We sent over cupcakes of our most popular flavors: Red Velvet, Luscious Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, Oreo, Mocha, Snowball, Coconut, Pure Vanilla, Mocha and Salty Caramel Chocolate! Check out how awesome our Dai Pai Dong looked! We also made some customized cupcakes with Lane Crawford's "160"th anniversary edible plaques on top! Our cupcakes on both Saturday and Sunday of this past week sold out within 3 hours and quickly had to be replenished!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More cupcake towers

We did three cupcake towers this past week of very different styles. The first cupcake tower was of a black and white theme for one of our valued partners Quintessentially. For their 10th birthday, we put together a tower of chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, black "Q" decorations and a cake topper topped with a black "Q" as well.

For a wedding at Amuse Bouche, we delivered this cupcake tower made of our red velvet, coconut and chocolate banana cupcakes. The cake topper was decorated with pistachio macarons and half of the cupcakes were decorated with little green customized Winnie the Pooh fondant plaques

For a spectacular wedding at the Four Seasons, we sent over this stunning 225 cupcake tower with additional cucpakes and raspberry tarts scattered throughout the dessert buffet table as well! The cupcake were made of our vanilla, oreo and strawberry flavors.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marc Jacobs Stam bag cookie party favors !

This is a big fashion week for us and to kick start it all we're sending 400 stam bag cookies to Marc Jacobs!! Each cookie is made of our crumbly buttery shortbread. WE did a rendition of these a while back but we're redoing it in a new maroon / rose color. It comes with all the Stam bag details included "quilted" leather finishing, all the zippers and buckles as well as its very own gold "chain"! Each cookie is packaged in its own plastic bag with black ribbon and customized Marc Jacobs gold tag !

Monday, November 1, 2010

Princess cookie party favors

For Audrey's 2nd birthday, we made these delicious shortbread cookies in the shape of Princess crowns, iced in pink, with blue and white polka dots and her name written in the middle! They were beautifully wrapped in our clear cookie bags with a customized Audrey sticker in the back!! Perfect giveaway for all her friends!

Macaron party favors

In another awesome collaboration between Sift and Seesawsed we are sending over 320 macarons wrapped in these beautiful customized designed packaging from Seesawsed to a special launch by designer Vivian. Each package comes with 2 macarons, one blue (vanilla flavor) one green (pistachio flavor). Both macarons were custom dyed to match two of the designer's dresses. These macarons made the perfectly fashionable giveaway at the designer's event at Cipriani !

Cupcakes for Bloomberg event

For a special event at Bloomberg, we put together this colorful cupcake tower made of 7 different flavors: red velvet, vanilla chocolate, green tea, lemon, chocolate hazelnut crunch, luscious chocolate and strawberry. Each cupcake was then decorated with customized Bloomberg icons all in different colors as well. The cupcakes were hugely popular and disappeared within minutes!!