Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Farah and Jem's wedding at the Grand Hyatt

For another stunning collaboration with the Wedding Company, we put together a 100 beautifully wrapped cupcake party favors split into our delicious red velvet and pure vanilla cupcakes. To match the stunning silver and white themed setting, we packaged each freshly baked cupcake into these specially designed opal colored cupcake boxes and wrapped each and every one with a pretty satin silver ribbon and customized tags for guests to take something memorable and delicious home!

Mad Hatter tea party cupcakes

Check out these adorable cupcakes we made for a Mad Hatter themed tea party. For decorations fit for Alice herself, we made some edible Mad hats, clocks, hearts, crowns for to top of our delicious chocolate, red velvet and strawberry cupcakes!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rita and David's wedding

For an intimate wedding dinner at the Grand Hyatt Pool House, we freshly baked 100 delicious red velvet and chocolate cupcakes for our wedding couple Rita and David. Each cupcake is individually wrapped in our party favor cupcake boxes and tied with a customized ribbon for each and every guest to take home a sweet and precious gift.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding party favors

We are in the midst of crazy party favor wrapping here at Sift. Over the course of the next week stay tuned for some beautifully wrapped cupcakes for a slew of weddings we're doing at various locations over the Easter holiday. For a sneak preview check out some of these beautifully wrapped boxes we're in the midst of ribbon tying!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter goodies !

Easter's just around the corner and check out these delectable but adorable Easter cookies we've got baking in huge batches in our kitchen! We have some Easter bunnies, eggs and spring chickens all made of our delicious sweet French butter and baked fresh for your order! And as bunnies love carrots what better way to finish off a perfect Easter celebration than a box of our deliciously moist cinnamon spiced carrot cupcakes topped with our madagascar bourbon vanilla? Come and order from us now!

Animal farm themed party

For a very special birthday party over at Elements we made 40 cookie party favors customized into the shapes of different farm animals. Each duck, sheep, pig and horse is individually wrapped and ribbon tied for a delectable little take away. We also made 100 mini cupcakes made of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors!

Princess birthday party

For a very special birthday party, we made 50 delicious chocolate chip party favors custom tied with an adorable pink ribbon and piggy "Thank You" tag. We also put together a tower of delicious strawberry and vanilla cupcakes. We decorated the strawberry cupcakes with simple silver sugar beads and the vanilla cupcakes with edible pink crowns and butterflies!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ice hockey cupcakes

Check out these adorable red velvet ice hockey cupcakes we made today for a special birthday! Delicious valrhona cocoa red velvet cakes topped with our madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting and an edible handcrafted ice hockey stick to match, perfect for any ice hockey fan!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our new cupcake flavor : Salty caramel chocolate!

I've been dying to make something with fleur de sel and caramel and we've finally developed a new cupcake flavor and it's so so yummy. Our usual fluffy dark chocolate cupcake is filled with homemade fleur de sel caramel sauce topped with dark chocolate buttercream and there's additional salty caramel drizzled on top! If you're as crazy about salty caramel and chocolate as I am then you've got to try this!!! Check out our perfectly ooey gooey it looks! It's the perfect balance of salty and sweet!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stam bag cookies for Marc Jacobs!

Who doesn't love the classic Marc Jacobs stam bag? For a special event for Marc Jacobs, we're sending 300 of these haute couture yummilicious shortbread cookies. Each cookie is individually wrapped and ribbon tied with a marc jacobs tag and ribbon to be given away to each and every guest! Perfectly chic and perfectly gourmet?