Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day is coming!

Hi Everybody!

here at sift we're getting ready for Valentine's Day and what better way to wish someone a Happy Valentine's Day than a box of our "XOXO" cupcakes! We can decorate any number of cupcakes for you with our customized red XOXO and heart shaped sugar decorations! We can also add a personalized message as well!

Give us a call and we can send your loved ones a very special XOXO message for this coming February 14th!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Max's 1st birthday celebration!

For Max's 1 year old birthday we made a beautiful 3 tier cake. Bottom tier is our dark chocolate cake with valrhona 70% chocolate buttercream, middle vanilla cake layered with valrhon ivoire chocolate and raspberry buttercream and finally top red velvet with our madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting. The cake was covered with white fondant and decorated with ribbons and blue fondant circles. We then topped the cake with Max's favorite puppy stuffed toy and favorite blue blanket. WE presented the cake on a beautiful cake stand and placed our vanilla and carrot cupcakes around it for an even more stunning presentation!

We also made pink and blue "No.1" cookie party favors for each little guest to take home. Everyone got their No.1 cookie with either blue or pink icing and their names written on it. Wonderful way to take something home from such a lovely 1 year old birthday celebration!

Friday, January 23, 2009

New member of our pastry family!

Hi, for those who've recently visited our patisserie you will have noticed a new addition to our pastries. It's what we call a chocolate hazelnut crunch and it's absolutely delicious and my new favorite! It combines all the tastes and textures of your dream cake. Layers of tempered milk and dark chocolate is sandwiched with our jivara (valrhona 40% chocolate) cream and ganache. The bottom is made of a hazelnut dacquoise topped with our praline crunch. It's all at once smooth, crispy, crunchy, chocolatey and hazelnuty. Too all you nutella and ferrero rocher fans out there, this is your absolute fantasy cake! It comes in individual, 1 lb, 2 lb and 3 lb sizes. Come and order it now!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby's baptism cake

For Tristan's very special baptism, we made a valrhona white chocolate and raspberry cake to celebrate the occasion. Each layer of fluffy vanilla cake was sandwiched with our white chocolate buttercream and raspberry puree. We then covered the cake with white fondant and decorated it with little blue polka dot lined fondant stars.


For a parisian themed tea party, we made this show stopper croquembouche! We made about 60 cream puffs, each with a tender crust and an inner shell that was soft, moist and custardy. The cream puffs were filled with our madagascar bourbon vanilla pastry cream and "glued" together with caramel. We then spun caramel sugar around the croquembouche to give it an even more stunning presentation!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chocolate banana landrover defender

For Magnus' 2nd birthday we created a chocolate banana version of the landrover defender 60th anniversary car. We layered fresh banana cake with our dark chocolate buttercream and molded the cake into an actual car fit with windshield wipers, tires, license plates and even the white bird detailing of the 60th anniversary addition cars. All decorations were made of fondant and entirely edible! Happy birthday Magnus!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pre wedding cupcakes

For a special wedding ceremony, we shipped dozens of our delicious red velvet with madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting cupcakes and fresh strawberry with strawberry buttercream cupcakes to the Four Seasons for a delectable sweet pick me up before the actual wedding ceremony. We placed each cupcake on beautiful glass cupcake holders. Elegant and delicious!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fit for an Italian Job !

The perfect chocolate cake transformed into the perfect little car! We molded our delicious dark chocolate cake into a purple mini cooper by layering it with our valrhona 70% chocolate buttercream and covering it with fondant. All details including the license plate, rear view mirrors, wind shield wipers etc were lovingly molded out of fondant or piped with royal icing. Perfect for an Italian Job!

Princess bachelorette party

For a very special bachelorette party with a pink sparkly princess theme, we decorated a bunch of our delicious cupcakes with little pink princess crowns and silver ball sprinkles to match! The cupcakes were then presented on our signature cupcake towers and also paired with a buffet of delicious multi colored French macaroons and homemade chocolate dipped, coconut and vanilla marshmallows! Everything a princess would want!

Full moon party

For a full moon party, we made 80 cupcakes decorated with a little red egg on each one. We also decorated each little red egg with the baby girl's name, perfect for this 1 month birthday celebration!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday cupcakes and alphabet cookie favors

Our cupcakes could not come cuter than when decorated with these multi colored "w" s and "1"s all of which are made of fondant and hand painted.

For another birthday party, each guest also took home these adorably delicious polka dot cookies each shaped into each child's initials.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The SNP christmas cupcake delivery!

SNP Vite contacted us in December and loved our cupcakes so much they wanted our cupcakes sent to all their clients! We made a total of 2,500 cupcakes and decorated each and every one with a special decoration that had their logos topped with a little gingerbread man, candy cane and santa hat!

Bend it like Beckham

For a birthday boy's soccer themed party, we made a 3d fudge chocolate cake, filled with our valrhona 70% chocolate buttercream. The cake was covered in fondant and molded into soccer ball. We then cut out black and white pentagons to create a truly soccer ball look!

Ben Ten for the boys!

We've done a number of Ben Ten themed cakes. For Liam's birthday for example, we sent over to HKIS, a bunch of Ben Ten cupcakes. We didn't want the girls to feel left out so we added some sugar butterflies to their cupcakes as well!

For another special birthday, we topped our Sift chocolate cake with a hand made Ben Ten sugar decoration!

Hello baby!

Of all our special themed cupcakes, our baby shower cupcakes are by far the most popular. And what mommy wouldn't adore these for her baby shower?? Not only are they delicious, they're adorable! You can choose any color combo you like and we'll hand craft each and every one of these baby booties, bibs, pacifiers, milk bottles!

I heart facebook!

Who doesn't? And for Rodney's big birthday we made our famous Sift chocolate cake and topped it off with a handmade facebook profile complete with applications and profile pic!

Honey, I blew up the cupcake!

One of our cupcake fans wanted our cupcake turned into a giant cupcake and so we did! we made one big strawberry cupcake. As you might know, our strawberry cupcake is delicious (One of my favs!). It's flavored with fresh strawberries pureed into the cake and into the frosting. There's no coloring, just fresh strawberries that make it beautifully pink.

I'll cheers to that

For one of our die hard red velvet cupcake fans we made a big red velvet cake and decorated it with miniature hand crafted martini glasses. A perfect "toast" to a perfect birthday!

A 1st birthday extravaganza

For a blue and green color themed baby's 1st birthday, we made a 2 tier red velvet cake covered with white fondant and blue and green polka dots.The cake layers sandwiched our delicious madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting. Lightly flavored with cocoa and vanilla bean, dyed a beautiful crimson, the cake was every bit fluffy and delicious! Along with the birthday cake, we made boxes of s'mores and red velvet cupcakes for the guests to take home. Each cupcake was topped with a light bue "1" and a light green "Thank you"!

Edible pieces of art

For another wedding at the Aberdeen Marina Club, we made a customized dessert buffet. We sent over our signature cupcake tower lined with our lemon, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. We also filled containers with our delicious Pistachio macaroons. The show stopper,however, was definitely our miniature wedding cakes! The flavors were red velvet, banana foster and lemon and each miniature wedding cake was first covered with fondant then lined with their respective sugar flowers and ribbon. These sugar flowers were hand crafted by molding and sculpting each individual petal. They were then stuck onto each cake with Royal Icing. They were truly pieces of art that were delicious as well!

Monogram embossed wedding cupcake tower

For this beautiful wedding, we topped each and every one of these 300 strawberry and red velvet cupcakes with hand made sugar fondant decorations. Each piece of fondant was embossed with the wedding couples initials, cut into heart shapes and dotted with pink polka dots. The cupcakes were then placed on our 7 tier cupcake tower and shipped to the Aberdeen Marina Club for a stunning wedding celebration! To match the beautiful cupcakes we also decorated each tier with white and pink ribbons.

May the force be with you

For an extraordinary Star Wars themed birthday we knew we had to make James an extraordinary set of cakes! We did cupcakes topped with Darth Vaders and light sabers. All decorations were made of fondant, dyed and hand painted and sculpted to lookruly Darth Vader eque. We also made a 3d cake in the shape of storm trooper for a true Star Wars party!

For another special birthday, we topped our yummy oreo flavored cupcakes with mini sugar darth vaders as well!

To the little engine that always thought he could!

Not just any cupcake! We topped our delicious cupcakes for a very special birthday with the little engine that always thought he could! Each piece of fondant was painted with Thomas the engine faces and we gave him his signature blue and red coat!

"I think I can! I think I can!"

Wedding cupcake tower, simple but beautiful

Some like to keep it simple and these two wedding cupcake towers are a testament to how beautiful simple can be!

We made one for Kitty's wedding, the cupcakes were oreo and chocolate banana flavored with simple heart shaped fondants embossed with his and her initials. These cupcakes were freshly made and shipped to the Peninsula. Check out the stunning presentation!

For Margaret's wedding we again kept it simple and dotted each cupcake with little silver sugar beads. To match, we lined the cupcake tower with pink and silver ribbons.

Our homage to pierre herme

Pierre Herme's my hero and we have one pastry in special homage to him. It's his Ispahan. We do it in various sizes and it's beautiful. Pink crispy on the outside chewy on the inside macaroons sandwiching a similarly light pink lightly sweetened rose buttercream, filled with lychees and lined fresh raspberries. It's the perfect compliment to anyone's afternoon tea party or baby shower at home!

Who doesn't love couture?

We did a bunch of edible couture creations. So if you'd want to get your favorite louboutin, manolo blahnik or jimmy choo stiletto translated into something delicious. Give Sift a call.

For some fashionistas' bachelorette and birthday parties, we provided them with couture cupcakes to match . Check them out! They're fashionable and delicious!