Saturday, February 26, 2011

Corporate cupcake party favors

For a special event at Noble Biocare we did these beautiful logo and corporate product decorated cupcakes in our popular chocolate and red velvet flavors! Each cupcake was also put into individual boxes for each and every guest to take something memorable away home!

Friday, February 25, 2011

More customized cupcakes

It's been an extremely busy day for us and we've put out over a thousand cupcakes in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few highlights! For a sailing aficionado we made a bunch of these sailing themed cupcakes all decorated with Sailing themed fondant decorations such as sailor hats, sail boats and life jackets.

We also sent some very beautiful customize fondant decorated cupcakes to a beautiful wedding at Amuse Bouche. We kept to the pink and white theme and sent strawberry and snowball flavored cupcakes, all beautifully lined on our cupcake tower!

Finally we did these adorable cupcakes with different edible fondant decorations on top!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby celebrations

This is another big baby celebration week for us. This week, for a very special little baby boy's birthday, we sent hundreds of cupcakes as thank you packages to various addresses around town. All cupcakes were decorated with baby blue milk bottles and baby blue pacifiers.

Also, we did another huge batch of cupcakes for Baby Tom! Our client loved the cupcakes so much they came back and reordered from us for another fabulous event at Country Club. Check these adorable tiger decorated cupcakes out again!!

Our corporate logo cupcakes!

Our cupcakes have gotten increasingly popular with our corporate clients! Here are a bunch of cupcakes that we did for Deutsche Bank today, complete with their and their client's logos! Should you want to customize our cupcakes for any kind of corporate event or product launch do give us a call and see what kind of customize designs we can come up with. It can be anything as simple as these samples or more complex and spectacularly designed ones as well!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cupcake towers !!

We sent out two very different cupcake towers this past Saturday amidst all our crazy cupcake baking! We made for two talented musicians a cupcake tower, filled with red velvet and carrot cupcakes. Each carrot and red velvet cupcake was topped with some fabulous guitar and mandolin decorations!

For another cupcake tower we sent to Watermark for a beautiful wedding! We sent over a tower filled with lemon, strawberry and snowball cupcakes. They coordinated with the wedding color themes perfectly!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby girl milk bottle cookie party favors !

Our baby themed cookie party favors are huge seller at our shops. For a fabulous baby shower this week, we made a bunch of adorable, delectable pink color milk bottle shaped shortbread party favors. We individually packaged them complete with baby pink ribbon for each and every guest to take something adorably sweet home!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More corporate events !

We are crazy busy with corporate events this week. To kick start it all we sent over hundreds of cupcakes to Lane Crawford for their office move! They come customize with a Lane Crawford logo!

For another event for Ted Baker we packaged a whole assortment of our cupcakes also labelled with their corporate logo and had them all individually placed in our cupcake party favor boxes! All 1000 pieces of them!! We sent them both Saturday and Sunday to their newly opened Ted Baker store in New Territories!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perfect party favors!

We did two awesome events this weekend both involving tonnes of our awesome party favors! For a Kuok Group event at the Shangrila. We sent over 600+ cucpakes of assorted flavors all individually packaged in our "perfect for one" cupcake boxes!

For another very special event, a beautiful wedding held at the Repulse Bay, we sent over these beautiful Seesawsed designed macaron boxes. A total of 800 macarons packaged in 400 precious packages for each and every guest to take something sweet home!

Valentine's Day packages for Cle de Peau !!

For one of our favorite cosmetic brands cle de peau, we sent out these beautiful Valentine's Day themed corporate cupcakes! Each package was made of 6 delicious cupcakes, vanilla, lemon and luscious chocolate. Our vanilla and lemon cupcakes were dyed pink to match our Valentine's Day theme. All cupcakes were topped with beautiful silver sugar pearls and complete with a heart shaped logo of Cle de Peau! We sent these all around town to various locations!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby boy celebrations!

It's a big week for us for celebrations for baby boys. We'd like to highlight two events in particular! For baby Tom's 100 day birthday held at the lovely poolhouse at Grand Hyatt we did these fun baby Tiger themed cupcakes and cookies. In each customized gift bag, we placed a vanilla cupcake dyed blue with orange pacifier, an oreo cupcake dyed blue with an orange tiger and also a baby blue stroller shortbread cookie with customized messages as well! Each item was individually packaged and tied with a baby blue ribbon for the perfectly delectable, unforgettable giveaway for each and every guest.

For another spectacular baby celebration, we did over a hundred cupcakes divided into packages of 6 with again baby blue dyed icing. We also did little 2d baby stroller plaques and 2 d baby bottles for the cupcakes as well as customized "Oliver" sugar plaques!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fabulous wedding celebrations!!

We've been busy with all sorts of exciting wedding events. We first sent this simple but elegant cupcake tower to a wedding at the Verandah. Given the wedding color themes were white and purple we layered the cupcake tower into red velvet cupcake and violet colored dyed oreo cupcake layers.

For another wedding which is taking place in 3 cities across the globe, we are sending with the bride and groom over 400 cookies for each and every one of their guest to take away as party favors. We baked our delicious crumbly shortbread cookies with customized decorations as well.

Finally for a bee themed wedding in our pipeline we designed these adorable bee hive cupcakes for the bride and groom. Complete with hexagonal shortbread cookie decorations and little edible fondant bees!

New pastry items at Sift!

As I mentioned we are in the midst of introducing a bunch of new items. This week, we are introducing a newly designed lemon tart with a brand new lemon cream filling and italian meringue piped around the edges. We are also introducing our "Marron" pastry which is a delicious chestnut themed pastry with a base of chocolate genoise, chestnut mousse, almond dacquoise and piped almond pastry cream on top. They're both delicious and a perfect addition to our current repertoire. Stay tuned for many more items to come !!