Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby boy celebrations!

It's a big week for us for celebrations for baby boys. We'd like to highlight two events in particular! For baby Tom's 100 day birthday held at the lovely poolhouse at Grand Hyatt we did these fun baby Tiger themed cupcakes and cookies. In each customized gift bag, we placed a vanilla cupcake dyed blue with orange pacifier, an oreo cupcake dyed blue with an orange tiger and also a baby blue stroller shortbread cookie with customized messages as well! Each item was individually packaged and tied with a baby blue ribbon for the perfectly delectable, unforgettable giveaway for each and every guest.

For another spectacular baby celebration, we did over a hundred cupcakes divided into packages of 6 with again baby blue dyed icing. We also did little 2d baby stroller plaques and 2 d baby bottles for the cupcakes as well as customized "Oliver" sugar plaques!

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