Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miffy themed birthdays!

For two birthdays this week we put together some Miffy themed cupcakes and cookies. For libby's birthday at the Little Gym in Causeway Bay we brought over this adorable cupcake tower, filled with our delectable red velvet, strawberry and chocolate banana flavored cupcakes and topped it off with a chocolate cake, decorated in light pink fondant, strawberry macarons and a light purple dressed fondant Miffy on top. Everyone who attended the birthday party loved the cupcake tower! For another birthday we made a bunch of A shaped shortbread cookies. Our crumbly shortbread cookies are a No.1 favorite for party favors and in this case we decorated the As in light blue royal icing and also attached an edible Miffy fondant figure. Each cookie was individually wrapped in our Sift ribbon and included a sticker picture of the birthday boy as well!

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