Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding cupcake towers

We had another big wedding weekend this past week and we'd like to highlight a few of the wedding cupcake towers we put together. For a wedding at the Grand Hyatt, we put together a larger cupcake tower with our regular sized cupcakes and we also put together a miniature version of the cupcake tower filling it with our mini sized cupcakes. We decorated the cupcake tower with purple ribbon and also dyed the lemon and vanilla buttercream for our lemon and oreo cupcakes into a pretty lavender hue to match the cupcakes.

For another wedding at the Country Club, we sent over 250 cupcakes of red velvet, coconut and chocolate banana flavor. We also printed 250 edible "DIY" plaques to symbol the couple's initials and topped each cupcake off with this beautiful blue plaque. The cupcakes were divided into three cupcake towers, one larger and two smaller ones. We also made a cake topper made of our delectable red velvet cake, decorated it with a flower bouquet and placed this on our larger cupcake tower.

In the third wedding we catered to, we worked around a sunflower theme and made a cake topper made of chocolate cake and our valrhona chocolate buttercream and filled the cupcake tower with mini cupcakes of red velvet, lemon and vanilla flavor alternately decorated them with mini yellow sunflowers as well.

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