Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tonnes of exciting news for 2011!

Here at Sift, we're already in the full swing of things for the new year! Stay tuned for all sorts of new flavors and items we have in store for you that we'll be slowly introducing in the coming weeks! For those of you that have visited us recently you might also have noticed the difference in our banana, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes! We've discovered a way to make them even more moist and fluffy. We've also respectively upped their banana, strawberry and chocolate content so they should be even more flavorful than before! We also have all sorts of fashion, corporate and wedding events in our pipeline so stay close watch cause they're all very exciting! To start it all off I thought I'd show you this beautiful cupcake tower we sent to a wedding yesterday. It's a tower of beautiful mini cupcakes in chocolate, strawberry vanilla and lemon flavor. We sent over hundreds of these mini cupcakes as well as an array of delicious macarons!

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