Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time out votes Sift's red velvet cupcakes as the No. 5 dish you must eat this year!

Super exciting news! As any of you Sift cupcake fans will know, our red velvet cupcake is our most popular item! I'd say on average two to three customers every week tell me they dream about our red velvet and guess what?!! Time Out has just voted our red velvet cupcake as the No.5 dish you must eat this year! So come by and get a red velvet cupcake today!


  1. everything sifted, everything refined... except the service.

    i visited one of your shops yesterday (7 May 2009) and before I got to taste any of your superb desserts, was put of by one of your your rude waitresses.

    Please spend some time training (or re-training?) their attitude, or else your superb desserts would only come to waste.

  2. ps. I would also want to know how much would a sip of tap water would cost at your shop? 'cause while I was leaving your shop I heard someone asking for "the bill" -- or did your staff think their service was worth anything?