Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Since our tray of macaroons looked so beautifully scrumptious, I knew I had to blog it immediately. Our macaroons currently come in 9 flavors: Caramel, Lemon, Coffee, Chocolate, Rose, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pistachio and Vanilla. I'm slowly working on adding to our repertoire so stayed tuned. We strive to make our macaroons crispy on the outer layer and soft and chewy on the inside. Perfect as a light little snack or as a party favor giveaway, they've been hugely popular at our new Queen's Road East location! For a plated delight, check out our Ispahan ice cream coupe at our Graham street shop! It's beautifully plated with lychee ice cream, mini raspberry filled ispahans and raspberry foam!

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  1. I had your pistachio, caramel and strawberry macaroons today (I was over in Ap Lei Chau looking for a warehouse) ... love it, especially the caramel ones. Anyway, asked for you but I was told you're on vacation? Anyway, good stuff! Keep it up! Will write a short post on Sift soon. Cheers